2023 SCLL Fundraising Raffle

It is an exciting time of year as baseball kicks off for families across the nation and in our little corner of the PNW.

As a member of our Salmon Creek Little League community, we expect parents to get involved to help us maintain the reputation of the best little league around.  With that, it is time to launch our annual raffle fundraiser.  The money from this event helps us pay for the rent of practice fields, the lease payments for playing fields at Luke Jensen/Gaiser the cost of lights and other general maintenance fees.  We have a beautiful facility but it certainly isn’t inexpensive to play on the best fields in town.  Help us raise money to continue to cover these costs.

Each SCLL player is assigned ten raffle tickets.  Each ticket is $10 each ($100 total).  This may sound overwhelming, especially for those of you who have more than one ball player, but people are surprisingly excited about the chance to win one of the three great prizes.  And most importantly, we ONLY sell 5000 tickets total in an effort to increase the odds of winning.

The three top prizes for 2023 are as follows:

  • $2500 Cash
  • Great Wolf Lodge gift card (value $750)
  • Under The Weather MyPod Mega Pop-Up Tent for 4 people, roof cover, and UTW Waterproof Blanket (value $275)

Incentive for the players: This year the top seller in each division are eligible for a prize!

  • The top seller in T-Ball, A, AA, AAA, Minors, Majors, Intermediates, Peewee Softball, Softball Minors, Softball Majors- $50 Gift Card
  • Top Seller in Baseball- $100 Gift Card
  • Top Seller in Softball- $100 Gift Card

Your team parent will give you your specific information regarding turn in but the planned turn in dates are:

  • April 22nd- Luke Jensen
  • May 6th- Luke Jensen
  • May 20th - Luke Jensen (Final turn in date)


All unsold tickets need to be accounted for, your team parent will certainly be making sure you are aware of these deadlines.  ALL tickets sold or not must be turned in.  In years past we have allowed ticket sales to continue into May but our preference is to have a majority of these sold by April 30th.

When your player sells tickets, please keep the small stubs and make sure your players name and team name are on the “sold by” line including all requested information from the purchaser of the ticket.  Please return to your team parent: all stubs (small side) and the $100 in the original envelope, it has your players name and the ticket numbers on it.  If you receive cash, we ask you to please deposit any cash into your own accounts and write us a check.  This helps us tremendously with our accounting.

  • Note that these tickets are each numbered and assigned to a specific player, so tickets cannot be given to another player to sell or traded between players. To do this, you must first tell your team parent that you will have extra tickets.  The team parent will coordinate the exchange between players.
  • Additional tickets may be requested by first asking your team parent and then having them email the Raffle chairperson at raffle@salmoncreekll.com